How does your company stack up?

Wellness Quiz

Does your company has a wellness program in place?

If your company has a wellness program, what percentage of company uses it?

How frequently does your company host events related to wellness (ie. workshops, health risk assessments, newsletters, physical events or athletics, etc.)?

What percentage of your organization has filed a workers compensation claim in the last 12 months?

How many incentives does your organization offer to employees to actively participate in your wellness program? Examples are giveaways, recognition or awards, bonuses, insurance premium discounts, etc,?

What percentage of your company’s employee work stations have been ergonomically designed or assessed?

Has your organization evaluated or been advised on ergonomic products that help reduce the risk of team member injury?

Does your organization have a smoking cessation, exercise and/or diet modification plan for team members?

Does your organization offer company-wide safety training?

How frequent does your organization hold company-wide safety training?

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